Tree of Life

Goderie's Tree Farm has been promoting "The Tree Of Life" in conjunction with Terry Brindle's team rally for the "Relay for Life".

Thirty percent of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society for orders placed with deposits on the evening of the "Rally".

Year round, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated.

The staff at Goderie's Tree Farm can assist you in selecting the proper tree for the site conditions of where you would like to plant your tree.

If you would like to dedicate a "Tree of Life" and do not have a place to plant it, Goderie's Tree Farm may assist you by supplying a list of local parks and school districts in the Fulton - Montgomery - Hamilton County area that would be very grateful to have a Memory Tree planted on public grounds.

An inscribed granite marker 8"x16" can be installed at ground level the time of planting.
This can be coordinated with Letter Memorial, Inc. 522 North Perry Street , Johnstown , NY 12095.

Dedicate a "Tree of Life"