A single tree or an entire forest, we can help you with your treescape.

Goderie's Tree Farm started diversifying from Christmas Trees in 1984 and began growing nursery stock that was hardy enough to withstand the harsh upstate New York winters.

We do not stock pile large quantities of live trees and instead focus on getting trees out and back in the ground as soon as possible.

Many homeowners as well as Landscapers will pre select the live trees they want in the off digging season and the staff at Goderie's Tree Farm will notify them when the trees are dug and ready for their new home.

Here is a brief list of what is currently grown at Goderie's, please call, Fax or email for current availability, sizes and pricing.

Installations can also be arranged.


  • American Arborvitae
  • (Nigra & Green Giant)
  • Canadian Hemlock
  • Fraser Fir
  • Myer’s Spruce
  • White Spruce
  • Balsam Fir
  • Norway Spruce
  • White Pine

  • Copper Beech
  • Snowfountain Cherry
  • Weeping Cherry
  • Molton Lava Weeping Crab
  • Candymint Flowering Crab
  • Prairie Fire Crab
  • Lindon
  • Red/Sugar Maple
  • Pin Oak
  • Cleveland Select Pear
  • Weeping Willow
  • Goderie's Tree Farm also carries a wide variety of containerized flowering and ornamental shrubs that can be incorporated into islands, foundation plantings, rock gardens or a wide variety of other treescapes.

    Here is a partial list of what is currently available:

  • Andromeda, Olympic Fire
  • Arborvitae, Emerald Green
  • Arborvitae, Globe
  • Blue Spruce, Globosa
  • Blueberry Bushes, Assorted
  • Boxwood, Green Mountain
  • Boxwood, Green Velvet
  • Burning Bush
  • Cypress, Gold Thread
  • Cypress, Goldmop
  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce
  • Forsythia, Lynwood Gold
  • Fothergilla, Mt. Airy
  • Grasses, Assorted
  • Holly, Blue Prince/Princess
  • Hydrangea, Bobo
  • Hydrangea, Climbing
  • Hydrangea, Endless Summer
  • Hydrangea, Incrediball
  • Hydrangea, Limelight
  • Hydrangea, Pinky Winky
  • Hydrangea, Quickfire
  • Hydrangea, Strawberry Sundae
  • Juniper, Gold Coast
  • Juniper, Pfitzer
  • Juniper, Sea Green
  • Lilac, Bloomerang
  • Lilac, Charles Joly
  • Lilac, Madame Lemoine
  • Lilac, Miss Kim
  • Lilac, Monge
  • Lilac, Palibin
  • Lilac, Royalty
  • Magnolia, Jane
  • Ninebark, Coppertina
  • Ninebark, Little Devil
  • Ninebark, Summer Wine
  • Peony
  • Perennials, Assorted
  • Rhododendron, Pink
  • Rhododendron, Purple
  • Rhododendron, Red
  • Rhododendron, White
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Rose, Drift
  • Rose, Kardinal
  • Rose, Knockout
  • Spirea, Dakota Goldcharm
  • Spirea, Goldflame
  • Spirea, Goldmound
  • Spirea, Magic Carpet
  • Spirea, Neon Flash
  • Viburnum, Blue Muffin
  • Viburnum, Burkwood
  • Weigela, Fine Wine
  • Weigela, My Monet
  • Willow, Hakuro Nishiki
  • Yew, Densiforma